Puppy Rescue 911 is a state license, nonprofit, all age, all breed, animal rescue.

We operate solely from donations and grants, as we are not funded by any organization. Puppy rescue 911 was founded because wonderful animals are being put to sleep every day in overcrowded, high kill animal control facilities, while there are no kill rescues with open kennels. We decided to be the link to bring these two together. Weekly we pull animals from these animal control facilities, many that were scheduled to be euthanized. Every week, we rent a passenger van and transport these 20-40 animals to the safe hands of no kill rescues. We average 1000 live save per year. We follow up on them and most are adopted within a week or two. They go into homes rather than the plastic euthanasia bag that was waiting for them. We love what we get to do for these 4-legged kids, and to see these lives changed, not only the animals but also the lives of people that adopted. We also do some adoptions through our rescue, and except owner surrenders and litters.

Our Mission Statement

Puppy Rescue 911 Inc.’s mission is to provide, care and companionship for homeless animals in a comfortable setting which meets their physical and emotional needs until adoption or other placement is secured. We are committed to cooperating with other area organizations dedicated to the rescue and care of homeless animals.

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